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Helping you to manage stress; understand anxiety, fear & panic.


Enabling you to boost your confidence & self-esteem.

  • Do you have a habit you wish you could quit?

  • Are you anxious and feel that your anxiety rules decisions that you make?

  • Is your anxiety holding your back?


How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnosis is a collaborative process in which you allow yourself to follow the guidance of the therapist by using your imagination to evoke positive emotions and rehearse behaviour change. Everyone can in principle be hypnotised. It has been shown to help if you relax, think positively and imagine the things being suggested. 

Hypnotherapy can help with an enormous range of issues: 


  • Anxiety management

  • Pain management

  • Overcoming sleep disorders

  • Treating certain psychosomatic or stress-related illnesses (for example phobias)

Hypnosis is also successful in treating habits such as nail biting and smoking.  It can also be useful for enhancing personal development such as sports performance, public speaking or creativity.

Hypnosis is essentially a simple, down to earth common sense therapy that helps by relaxing, thinking positively and picturing your goals. Hypnosis can help you to progressively improve habits feelings and behaviour.


Client testimonial:


"After a prolonged period of stress I was completely run down, unable to focus or see how to overcome tasks in my work and personal life. Issues with anxiety were manifesting into physical discomfort, constant fidgeting and being unable to relax, I was struggling with sleep, despite being incredibly tired.

I was unsure of what to expect, having no prior experience with any kind of therapy.

Lesley has been a calming influence throughout, and quickly made me feel at ease. Not least being able to explain that how I was feeling was not un-common and completely treatable with time and mentoring. Lesley has been great at tailoring her therapy to me and quickly identifying what works best for me from the array of methods available.

My mind is calmer and I'm far better at seeing tasks at hand and prioritising, planning or simply realising I don't need to worry so much about certain things, so as not to feel swamped. As a result I feel more at ease both at home and work."



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