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Lesley Hamilton BA Lit/Phil (Hons), PGCE

  • Member of The British Hypnotherapy Register (GHR)

  • Member of The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC)

  • Member of Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)*

  • Member of Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists (CRSST endorsed by GHR)

*with the complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council it is possible with some healthcare insurers to get hypnotherapy treatment on insurance.


Hello I’m Lesley. I love helping people to transform their lives using hypnotherapy, as it is so effective in improving specific issues and overcoming challenges. I am a London-based cognitive hypnotherapist and coach.  My work allows me to help clients both across the UK and internationally. I specialise in an advanced form of hypnotherapy that gets you out of your ‘stuck’ mentality and into a positive, successful frame of mind. I work with people of all ages, both individually and as corporate clients, and am increasingly sought after for my work with anxiety, confidence, and addiction.​


​I believe that you are unique and should be treated as such. Your future is not defined by your symptoms, labels, or diagnosis. My bespoke holistic therapy plans are sensitively tailored to meet your individual needs and aim to propel you forward with positivity, confidence, and fulfilment.



I am wholly appreciative of the powerful connection between the mind and body, and the astonishing ability of the unconscious to heal itself both physically and emotionally. Hypnotherapy is a highly effective treatment that can support an individual’s return to health and wellbeing by tapping into their natural unconscious resources.


I use several therapy approaches to help you achieve your desired outcomes, and my expertise lies in getting to know you and understanding which combination will get you the results in the shortest time possible. 

"He who fears he shall suffer, already suffers what he fears." Montaigne

The language we use has a powerful effect on our feelings and behaviours. Would you rather spend your hypnotherapy sessions going over your failures, disappointments, fears, and pain, focusing on feelings of helplessness and frustration, keeping you in that unresourceful, “stuck” mentality? Or would you like to explore how life will be without the problem; the comfort, the ease and freedom it will bring?


My hypnotherapy approach can help you identify the resources you already have to achieve that goal. I can help you change the narrative from what you fear to what you want.


  • I use my intuition, experience and creativity to help you find new ways of looking at things and finding solutions

  • I offer a range of hypnotherapy treatments as no ‘one size fits all’.

  • Hypnotherapy can be brief, with some clients finding relief after the first session

  • My aim is to always exceed expectations and over deliver on service and experience

  • I am passionate about staying ahead of new developments and techniques and am committed to ongoing training


​I’m available for both in-person therapy and online sessions.

Face-to-face sessions 

Crouch End, North London: I welcome you to relax in the tranquil surroundings of my private London hypnotherapy clinic.

Virtual / online sessions via Zoom and Skype

Online hypnotherapy across the UK and internationally: For a faster and more convenient way of getting results, you can access my private hypnotherapy sessions wherever you are in the world from the comfort of your own home. You will receive exactly the same level of service as my face-to-face clients and enjoy the same long-lasting results.

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