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Do you put our own needs last at the expense of our own well being?

Are you suffering from anxiety and stress?

Do you carry tension in your  body?

Mine is a holistic approach. Balancing both mind and body.

I have helped many people through my 1:1 appointments, phone appointments, zoom sessions and workshops. It is rewarding to see people stop worrying, boost confidence, sleep well, reduce alcohol, be successful in love, relationships, parenting and in their career.

Whether it is support with hypnotherapy to address anxiety or phobia, or simply re-evaluating your goals, I can help.  I can work with you 1:1 with the use of hypnotherapy and coaching we can  alleviate stress; also using mindfulness techniques that you can use independently at home.


Working together we can tailor a package to achieve meet your needs and reach your goals.  

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