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"I am a landscape gardener and suffer from intense pain with Fibromyalgia. It was having a detrimental effect on my day to day life and work. I would be in constant pain, at times this could be anything from a sharp stabbing pain in my hand lasting 5-6 seconds to whole body pain.


Now, rather than fight the pain I work through it with hypnotherapy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lesley as I am now able to work 5-6 hours a day."







"I've been receiving hypnotherapy from Lesley for the last couple of months, having sought her out for help with anxiety issues. I was aware that I was over thinking situations and not getting the most out of certain occasions in my life.

The therapy involved face to face discussion, establishing the root cause of the problem, alongside homework sheets writing about my behaviour and actions, and finally the hypnotherapy itself. This involved lying on her couch where I felt comfortable, warm and safe at all times. 

The best result I achieved from the therapy was the ability to move past my issues and not see them in a threatening way. I managed to stay calm and focused on the two particular areas we worked on. By doing this they weren't built up to be a frightening experience and became much more bearable to deal with. 

I found the session would relax both my body and mind; the tension I was holding would ebb away, resulting in feeling lighter and more aligned within myself. I awoke refreshed and energised. Lesley is a very professional hypnotherapist who I wouldn't hesitate to recommend."



"After a prolonged period of stress, I was completely run down, unable to focus or see how to overcome tasks in my work and personal life. Issues with anxiety were manifesting into physical discomfort, constant fidgeting and being unable to relax, I was struggling with sleep, despite being incredibly tired.

Lesley has been a calming influence throughout, and quickly made me feel at ease. Not least being able to explain that how I was feeling was not un-common and completely treatable with time and mentoring. Lesley has been great at tailoring her therapy to me and quickly identifying what works best for me from the array of methods available.

My mind is calmer and I'm far better at seeing tasks at hand and prioritising, planning or simply realising I don't need to worry so much about certain things, so as not to feel swamped. As a result, I feel more at ease both at home and work.


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